DHARMA BUM. Sometimes I use my camera but the best moments remain unframed

A  n  t  a  l  y  a      S  t  r  e  e  t      B  a  z  a  a  r
It was a funny weekly ritual to go to the street bazaar close to our home.
Vegetables, cheese, bread, fruits, sweets, and anything you want; Great prices; And specially the people...

Preparing the delicious salep
The egg-man
People going back home from the bazaar
This pictures were shot by Oliveira de Carvalho © in two locations in Antalya, south of Turkey, during the weekly street bazaar that happened each day in a different part of town, back in December of 2014 and January of 2015.

Oliveira de Carvalho ©
photographer // videographer
open for submissions and suggestions

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