-    L E S   C H A M P I G N O N S    -

We actually ate this one. I was with some friends that were used to collect and eat them, and we got a bunch of them and cooked them in an omolette. It was close to St. Emilion, in the Gironde department.
These ones grew from one day to the other in a humid straw roll after a hard rain's night, also in the Gironde department.
Beautiful ones, around the city of Montpellier, in Languedoc-Roussilion. I believe it to be a Chanterelle Orangée, a very dangereus poisonous specie.
Again close to St. Emilion, in the same magic forest.
photos and text by:

Oliveira de Carvalho ©
photographer // videographer - open for submissions and suggestions

Les Champignons
all photos in France, 2015

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