I like to walk the streets and take pictures to the people in their daily life. Here is a fast selection of some of my favourites. The first two in Greece, then some in Turkey and then some in Porto. Enjoy!
One of my favourite photos of all time. We met this man in the street cause one of my friends was looking for some special kind of Adana pants and he tried to explain to the man who lead us by the streets into some crazy shops that had only pants. We ended up finding really good cheap pants and then we followed our friend to his own amazing little shop full of everything. Istanbul is a magical city.
I will share a little video that shows part of this trip following this old man.
Right now I'm engaging myself in a project to photograph the neighbourhood of St. Jaques, in Perpignan, and the people who live there. This is a problematic neighbourhood and a very interesting one indeed. When I'm walkin the streets there, it feels I'm not in France, it's way different. I am going there several times and I try to adapt myself in a way that I can be comfortable to photograph.

For this project I will need support. I already have a partner - an architecture student who is developing a very interesting participative project, which I will follow and document.
I also want to enter people's houses and lifes, take some pictures and hear their stories, and share them with the world. I also love to write so the storytelling process will be rich and full.

If somebody is interested, please contact me: carvalho25n@gmail.com

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