One day I dropped my digital camera and it got broken. I made use of the warranty and I had to wait one month to have it back. In that month, I decided to borrow my uncle's old Minolta that I found in the garage, dusty and sad for being years without shooting.
I shot 2 old films and I got some nice pictures, and lots of bad ones too. Since then, I got back to digital, but this summer my camera got stolen, and so I'm back to film again, and I love it.

These are the pictures I shot in October 2014, most of them with no editing.
I had lunch with this group of friends. We talked about Barcelona, a nice city if you have a bit of money in your pocket and a place to sleep. If not, it can be a monster. They ran out of money and out of papers. Police is agressive and doesn't even let them beg in the streets. Surviving in the big city life and trying to get back home is their daily operation. The girl is from Canada. She found the dog in the dumpsters when he was a little puppy. "One day he will come to Canada with me." Suerte amigos. 
Waiting near Saints Estacion, in BCN, waiting for my ride to sunny Montpellier.
Can't you see that TREES ARE ALIVE !?
French Baguette
Our friend, a traveller who passed by Montpellier, maybe some days, maybe still there. Good music and good vibes.
Maria Pêras, back home.

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